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A fledgling is a young bird that has grown enough to
acquire its initial flight feathers and is preparing to
leave the nest and care for itself


A note from Shoshi:
“You may notice in her pieces –

she often paints the birds with closed eyes and

occasionally there are birds with open eyes.

The way I understand it is that the closed eyed birds are more

about learning the lessons and going inward/feeling into their

inner world whereas the eyes open are more so

to do with taking action from what has been processed.”


A note from Dani, Shaun & Harry:
“Thank you for being here for Amelia today,
we feel so loved and grateful.
This exhibition is a testament to Amelia’s strength and
resilience and how hard she works every day,
over and over to find her way in the world.

Amelia inspires us everyday with her bravery
and determination and today, in sharing this
exhibition with you, is no exception.”


The artworks and accompanying voice that Amelia is sharing
with you today are the explorations of very deep and
personal shadows and growth in her Autistic life journey.

1. Around the well

1 web

The Empress Bird has the power of unlimited imagination.

The Empress Bird is crying happy tears because she has helped so many.
“Keep following your dreams as the outcome will give you peace”

Being the creator of all the doors helps with the wish the Empress Bird made at the start of this journey. That she would help as many as she can, help as many so they wouldn’t suffer as much as she did.

“One wish in the well brings one dream to the table. Wish, believe, hope, dream and you will succeed.”

And Omi, I learnt this from you.
Each one of her feathers holds a different person and sometimes she loses her feathers and they fall to the ground and they get off and finish their journey with her. Like a bus. The feather doors empty and fill as needed or as necessary. You have to listen to your doors as they open and close.

The Empress Bird is passing the wisdom forward and now it will help you.
These are the lessons that she had to go through to be able to help people to help everyone else.

The teachings of the Empress Bird:

The Lesson of the shadows:

Everybody has a main shadow that helps them unlock their inner door.

This shadow guides you and this shadow will change to let you know when you need change and help.

A shadow will morph into what you need inside of you. Sometimes it’s a shadow, sometimes it’s a reflection.

Shadows are very caring and intelligent. Shadows will help you through anything. You have to trust, respect, love and care for your shadow as it’s your inner you.

Treat your shadow like your own baby and it will treat you back the same.
If you love and care for your shadow it will take care of you and won’t get rejected.

The Lesson of the Dragon:

The Dragon is eating and is now attached to a monstrous thought. Thoughts turn into monstrous things like these snakes and each bad thought that you have can turn bigger and bigger and bigger. So we need to catch it and take the bad thought and trap it inside a newly hatched door that has hatched out of an egg.
The dragon is grabbing a bad shadow with its sticky tongue to trap in its newly hatched door.


The Lesson of the doors:

“Every door opened is one part of you found”

Because everyone has doors inside of them and the doors mean different things about you. You might have a laughter door, a bubble door, a blue door, a red door, a leaf door, a bird door or any door that makes you, you.

If you open one of those doors you are unlocking a door of yourself.

The main door is called the inner door and it’s where your heart is. I found my inner door and unlocked it.

I opened that door when I realised I am Autistic and I accepted that.

I clicked and opened a door so now my main door is open. Because now I know truly who I am.

And while it’s open, it could open wider and turn into a giant door if I find out something else. But I am complete at the moment and I don’t need any more expectation.

But if you do have more mystery the door could shut a bit. And then you have to open it back up again. It doesn’t mean you lose everything, it just shuts because there is more to find out.

The Lesson of the Secretary Bird:

“Trying to reach your dream is the same as winning a dream”


The lesson of the Pain shadow:

“The new you only comes when the old you is ready, be patient with yourself”

The Cassowary made the seal out of a drop of his blood to send his message (covered in his blue tears) to the Empress Bird:

Only new you can come when old you accepts change must come.

Patience gives you time to process the changes coming and allow your body time to prepare so that you can handle the change without the overwhelm of large sudden movements and moments. Patience is time to prepare, process and build reserves.

Out of the fish is coming the bird. It’s bleeding but the blood has turned into a Cassowary.

On its head is a shadow. This shadow is turning into a golden eagle. It only has one wing though because it gave it to a bird who didn’t have any wings and needed it more.

The Fish Bird is bleeding because it’s being ripped open. The blood is actually a Cassowary because the cassowary is actually the pain shadow.

Everyone has a pain shadow.

The original pain shadow was a Cassowary because Cassowaries in this world show great courage and resilience and are able to push on when times are tough. And we need to do that when times are painful so that the pain can’t control you and you retain control over your pain.

You can’t let the pain carry you around, you need find a way to make it stop when it needs to stop or go slow or quiet when you need to catch up. You can’t let it drag you around. That is not how it works.

There will always be an end to a tunnel even when it doesn’t seem possible and a torch will light the way even if all the torches are out. A torch will spark if you find an exit. There is always an exit. Where you come in you will always come out at another end. It might be a rocky end or a weird end but it’s still an end.
In pain, you need to still push on, push forward, even when it’s dark. Because even when it hurts an outcome will always arrive and it may surprise you.

Just like the Fish Bird, your red blood that starts to pour and your blue tears you shed just might turn you purple in the end before you even saw it coming.

Red = beginning, blue = the middle and purple = the end. Never stay in the blue too long because the blue will consume you and drag you under like the waves.
The ground is red, the ocean blue and the sky purple. The purple indicates that you have reached the end, that the time or the struggle is over and you have succeeded in the one great thing of pushing on.

You may have only done this once in your life or thousands of times but remember if you push on once, you push on twice. If you don’t, if you sit around, nothing gets done, only the done happens when you get up.


Lesson of the Mirror Bird:

“The true you is more beautiful then the one they want to see… Be your true colours ”

Follow the tail to the broken mirror.

This broken mirror symbolises every doubt, every bad self reflection. With every negative self comment a little shard is broken from the mirror. And look what happens when you let it break and break and break, it’s destroyed.

But then the Empress Bird provides glue to help fix the mirror. The Mirror Bird is crying as it looks in its healed mirror and sees its shadow again in all its beauty. As it sees how much they’ve grown and how thankful they are that they were helped by the Empress Bird.

The Mirror Bird is a pelican, facing off with a monster who is trying to eat it. The monster is a bird trying to talk, to echo talk.

Echo talking is where there is a thought that you had about yourself, that’s very small and it starts to bounce around and bounce and bounce until you think that everyone is saying those things about you too. Really though, it is just the tiny thoughts in your head being allowed to echo louder and louder until it turns into a giant monster.

You can’t let that happen or then it destroys your mirror.

The reason the Mirror Bird shows you, you is to show you how gorgeous you are everyday. Your mirror shadow is there to remind you how important you are and they are very kind and loving and they want to share as many good things about you as possible. So let your mirror shadow in and listen and trust what they are telling you because they love you.


Gouache on wood

2. The OG Cockatoo

2b web
2a web

A sulphur crested cockatoo

Amelia aged 4

Washable paint on paper

3. Booby

3 web

“To dive deep you need to fly high”


Watercolour on paper

4. Body

3 Body web

Body Part – Animal Name – Quote

Head – Spiky “You’re allowed to pop out sometimes”

Right Arm – Flip “Don’t splash away your playfulness, Bring it in!”

Neck – Connect “Bridge out to your heart”

Heart – Avocado “I’m soft in the inside but hard on the outside”

Tummy – Charlie “Your stripes don’t define you”

Right Leg – Singah “Try to be you not someone else”

Left Arm – Frill “It’s ok if you show your fire”

Left Leg – Black “You’re not in the dark if you’re different”


Whole Body – Amelia – “It’s ok to be wonky, I am wonky”


Watercolour on paper

5. Six colours of kindness

4 Rainbow love web

Self forgiveness

Self Love

Self Safety

Self Acceptance

Self Patience

Self Belief

Treat yourself how you would treat a baby


Watercolour on paper

6. Shoebill

5 shoebill web

“Eat up every moment”


Pastel on paper

7. Feelings of four

6 Feelings of four web

“Love – Time – Freedom – Space”


Watercolour and pastel on paper

8. The tea ceremony

7 Greentea web

“Green tea”

In Japan, a tea ceremony is a spiritual process, deeply rooted in. Zen philosophy. The process is aimed at bringing harmony and inner peace to guests, by allowing them to take a break from the outside world and focus on the simple, transitory moment of serving and drinking tea.


Watercolour on paper

9. Shell of wisdom

8 shell of wisdom web

“I am your shell and I am full of rocks.

I keep you protected but also give you courage to be you

When you need comfort, I am here

It’s ok to stay inside me but also remember to find your sunshine.”


Ceramic Sculpture

10. I wish

10 web

“I wish I was like everyone else, managing my time, not wasting a second.
But no, I waste hours like melting ice. I waste my time, losing track of minutes.
I wish I could talk in public to strangers, like it was breathing. Easy, right?
No, it is impossible, like my mouth is taped closed.
I wish I could be perfect. Just be you, they say.
But no, the habit of masking takes over. Changing masks with every step.
I wish I was them, not me. But do I? Was taking away my problem good?
Or was I ok like I am? Is perfect, perfect? Or is it…
I wish for a world that changes to encourage more… or do I change..?
I wish. “


A poem

11. Eleven Candles

12 web

In this piece the birds are lounging and resting while drinking tea and getting ready to share their stories  – they are in a meditative and reflective state. 
The bird in the middle shares an open book surrounded with 11 candles.
The candles represents the light in the dark, hope, trust and guidance. 

The number 11 is reminiscent of a doorway which symbolises a path towards higher wisdom.
It also represents the years of my life when my doors began to open.

The bird in the centre, surrounded by the 11 candles, is the bird that opened the book.

The bird in the middle at the top is drinking a cup of tea

The bird on the bottom left is covered in sticky watermelon.

There is a small door on the left.

The bird on the right is growing feathers every time she makes a mistake. It’s ok to make mistakes because that’s how you learn.

This is the start where they made themselves present.


Gouache on paper

12. The River’s Gifts

10 web

Nature’s angel is the dove. (centre)

Dove lives in the wind and goes with the current. 

Dove is trying to escape his own self and is kind of stuck.

He wants to escape his shell but he can’t and so he’s trying to stretch it.

The message is “you have to go through it” 

Each bird offers a gift.

Dove’s gift is “freedom” 


Vulture has been burnt by his own anger. (bottom right)

Now he is resting so he’s not speaking that much.

He doesn’t like when people come into his space or if people are loud.
He is quiet.

He offers the gift of ”space”


Tawny is disintegrating and changing. (middle left)

The old parts are melting away but the new parts are coming in. He is growing new feathers.

His gift is “time and patience” 


Duck is sad. (bottom left)

She misses her friends and she’s crying because she’s a duck. 

Her mother (bottom middle) wants her to stay happy and to feel loved but she is crying. She’s scared of being alone.

Her gift is “love”


All of these creatures are specifically in their own energy but in time they will connect and support one another.
Gouache on paper

13. River & Jam

13 web

Dove is the river herself. (top left to centre)

Dove got hurt and was bleeding watermelon jam and another bird began to eat it. (bottom left)

The symbol of the jam represents the transformation from something painful into something sweet. 

The Vulture (top middle) is trying to paint himself red with the jam so that he will be accepted by the other Vultures and be able to find friendship.
Each bird around the river is going through some form of sadness and pain but the river is nourishing and cleansing. 
Duck (right side) is washing herself of bad thoughts in the watermelon rain. The dirt (bottom middle) is washing away and the cleansed shadow is taking form. The cleansed shadow is symbolic of the friends who she was previously seeking. The dirt is symbolic of her loneliness.
The mum has come to understand that Duck needs to help herself for herself and herself alone and so is now catching fish for Duck and all of her friends. (top right)


Gouache on paper

14. The Night Shadows

13 Totem of regenration web

This piece is about re-generation and healing.

A candle (top middle) burning out…like burn out…smouldering, running out of oxygen.

The totem brothers (left) are the thoughts, you want to anchor them. Totems aren’t wonky and falling over, they are strong, they are solid and they are anchored so you want to anchor those thoughts.

The bird spirit (top right) represents new growth and the idea that it is ok to make a mistake. The bird spirit is in the plant and it is trying to catch something and then trying again because it is ok to fail because then you will grow.

The Finch (bottom right) is sleeping, with his shadow behind him. The shadows at night they come and they re-light the body and the strength for the next day. There is a special juice that they pour over them to re-nourish. The juice’s bird spirit (above right of the finch) is like a road runner, not scared to try new things.
There are doors to different places to heal.

The flow bird (bottom left) reminds us to go with the flow.



Gouache on canvas

15. The Key

14 thekey web

“Everyone’s flowers loses its petals”

Everyone has bad thoughts sometimes and its ok to have a bad day.
The Hoopoe (top left) has a door in its ear.

The Hoopoe’s shadow has a key to open the door to all of his thoughts.

Everyone has a flower in them to keep them steady to root them to the ground.
The Hoopoe’s flower is producing some thought gems. The thoughts become gems and they release them up.

The Hoopoe’s shadow has to find the key of happiness to open the door and to help take the gems out and cleanse. The shadows help cleanse you and you have to trust the shadows.

Every shadow has a spirit gem or element. The Hoopoe’s shadow’s spirit element is sand. The element of sand symbolises patience and time.

The Bird of Paradise shadow (bottom right) has a dancing gem spirit. That means inner love and inner beauty. The Bird of Paradise’s shadow believes that god gave them their feathers and that its a privilege to have them and they show them off by dancing around and putting their shadow on display.

If they do lose even one feather, they will cry for days, creating waterfalls and rivers.

The hummingbird shadow (top right) is collecting a thought petal.

Their spirit gem is ruby and it can mean angry or optimism.

The Oxpecker (top middle) is bad, he is making a negative thought gem. His shadow is stained red. Like blood. But instead of blood it feeds off nightmares and makes them bigger then they are and while they are all sealed away in a door sometimes they escape, sometimes they come out.

The shadows always cleanse at night time so they don’t disturb you in the day when you are awake.

So when you have nightmares, the nightmares are the bad thoughts merged into a giant tidal wave that is turning into a gem. The only way to turn it into a gem and release it is to go through it.

The light of the day gives you a break until they come to the surface again when the dark comes at night.

The key is finding the light in the dark of the shadows.

You have to trust the shadows that they will find the key.

You have to trust your shadows that they will help find and ignite your spark again and help you grow back and open the door for the sun to get in and to grow your flower even bigger and more beautiful.

And even if you think you have the most ugliest flower, it’s still beautiful. It doesn’t always have to look beautiful to be kind or to be amazing or to be beautiful. So you could think it is the ugliest flower but the essence of it and the way it sways is beautiful and the way it grows is beautiful even if it may not think it looks beautiful.


Pastel on wood

16. Forest of lost thoughts

15 forest of lost thoughts web

“Forest of Lost Thoughts”

“If we are learning to be perfect, buy no one has learnt it all then no one is perfect”

We are learning to be our best self, to be perfect, to know it all, to be the most beautiful, but no one has learnt it all. No one has learnt all of the galaxy secrets, no one has learnt it all and no one is perfect if no one has learnt it all. So you can tell yourself that every single one of us is imperfect. Isn’t perfect, no, no-one. Then people who say they are perfect, they have a flaw. Everyone does, not in a bad way, it’s just factual because it’s just ok to be yourself.

“If you don’t know, then now is your time”

If you don’t know any better now, then for next time you can learn. Do your best until you know better, then do better.

Here is the door and it is blue, a cloudy blue because of how I am feeling today. Still sunny but just cloudy.

We have a tree and the tree is holding the door. The tree is dancing about and it has leaves on it. The leaves are actually thoughts because this is the forest of lost thoughts.

You know those thoughts in between thoughts, like the silence in between each noise. Those are like those thoughts, that pop up and disappear real quickly.

Those ones that you don’t pay much attention to but mean a lot if they build up.

You build them up in your forest and they keep, keep, keep, keep building up until they become a monster. And some of the thoughts will become badder and badder, like you’re not good enough, you’re terrible, you’re a failure, you didn’t get it right, your terrible, your terrible, your terrible, your terrible. And those thoughts will build up into a giant monster that will keep telling you that for ever and ever.

Everyone has a forest.

There is a worm coming out of an apple. And this apple looks perfect, it’s a perfectly round apple, a beautiful apple, but when you cut it open there is a worm inside. Again everything that is perfect is not perfect, but perfect is perfect but not perfect, it could go on forever.

But then the ugliest one was the ripest and most perfect apple on the whole tree. So ugly doesn’t mater, colour doesn’t mater, anything doesn’t mater, we are all the same. And probably, the ugliest, if that word even exists; because everyone is the same we are all human, they would probably be smarter.

So here is the worm coming out and the watching bird (bottom right) is looking and hungry.

The worm and the eye (left of the watching bird.) is the symbol of self judgment.
And the watching bird thinks “I’m going to look so stupid getting the easy worm, I should go for a harder one, everyone is going to laugh at me for getting the easy worm.” But the truth is, no one is going to laugh, this is a hard worm, a tricky worm, maybe, maybe not. But this guy thinks in his thought, his thoughts overwhelm him, a giant tsunami of thoughts. (top right)

And so he misses the worm.

The wave tsunami of leaf thoughts that may come at any time, and sometimes people get overwhelmed but there is a cure.

The cure is an emerald dove (bottom left). The emerald dove is holding an emerald that is bubbling with dark thoughts. Bubbling up.

But don’t worry we have the well for that.

Coming out of the well to chase away the bad thoughts is the duck of the well (top left).

He takes the emerald that has been darkened with bad thoughts from the dove, cleanses that emerald, puts it back in to the well and lets it shout to you.

Because this is the shouting well that you can tell to shout to you any message you would like.

So you would say “tell me I am perfect in every way” and then it will keep shouting at you in those moments. And shouting and shouting and shouting until you listen. It will never stop shouting until you listen and only then it will shout louder.

The emerald dove (bottom left) used to be one those birds that spent so many years engulfed in a tsunami of thoughts, because he didn’t accept any help. He just said “I’m fine, I’m fine” and hid the truth. So in that time he learnt to just deal with it, resulting in a duller tsunami, still there but silenced by one mumble; a simple tsunami. Like when you are talking but then a louder voice talks over you, you can still hear each other but it’s just mumbled, that’s how the simple tsunami would work.

The emerald dove (bottom left) is now trying to help guide others.

Gouache on wood

17. The maker

17 web

“To enter a door you need to learn – to open a door you need to find you. To love yourself you need to love your shadow”

Sacred Ibis is learning about the light behind the door.

The blue double headed snake is creation and he is creating doors.
The Sacred Ibis is learning about the doors by painting them and making them safe with gold.

Because you can’t just enter the door, you have to learn about it and see if it’s safe, unsafe, welcoming, not welcoming etc.

The Sacred Ibis is painting the gold on the door just like the stripes and spots of an animal. He has a big responsibility to paint the doors and to make them right and check them all.

As he does so he is learning, to open the door and look inside and learn what is inside of them.

It is a big responsibility to learn about your doors and what is the light behind and inside of them. For you must learn which doors to open and which ones to close behind you.

Everyone finds their keys at different times, the key to open their heart and soul to find who they are.

I found my key when I found out I was Autistic and settled in there. Finding out who I was and accepting myself, that’s where I found my key.

My shadows liked that key and they put it in and it worked, it fitted, it fitted in the exact tiny lock.

Every door is different, every single person the lock is different and the key also.


“In the soul realm shadows are as bright as the sun”
“In the egg you will find kindness, love and hope.”
“The key to love is your shadow”
“Through the bubble door is bubbles of love”
“Create, find, learn, open – go.”




Gouache on wood

18. sharing pineapples

18 web

“To open a door to some other is to share a hug of love and hope”

The pineapple bird, he got sprayed by the pineapple juice. He is watering from the bottom of his cup. The top of his cup is growing a plant so he must water from the bottom.

Watering from the bottom and growing his plant.

The plant is a door, because everyone has a door inside of them.
They actually have multiple doors.

Their main one is to their personality and true selves.

Pineapples may look really spiky on the outside but they are sweet in the inside.
That is pineapple birds personality and his main door.

The main door is usually around the heart or where the arms are to open up.
Every door needs a key, otherwise it would be open to anyone and that is dangerous sometimes. So you need a key to lock it to people who are dangerous or unlock it to people who are kind.

Are you willing to open up your door because it is a very big thing and you may not know. To open up a door to some other person is to be full of love and hope for the future where everyone will be kind to each other and that is very very special.

To open your door with the key to someone that might be your friend or long distant cousin just to show them you care about them and show your deep personality without hiding or masking is a big step towards a great future and a great self.


Gouache on wood

19. ilands

19 web

“Islands are built together but a flower can grow on its own”

The owl is a nature spirit that comes and checks on nature and sees if it is growing ok and then helps it grow.

The hummingbird is the island spirit and it needs all the other spirits to help it build its island.

So there is a water spirit giving it water to grow its plants,

the fire spirit giving it fire to get rid of old nature and bring in new growth.
The animal spirit gives the animals,

the sky spirit is the spirit of the weather that changes depending on its mood and it can only produce clouds of what it is feeling.

The moon and the sun spirit are making a moon and sun for the island and also some moon and sun crystals to light the island.

We need the nature spirit to grow all the trees but he is tending to his apples.

You can see the black apple with a golden inside when it’s cut open that teaches us that something that needs fixing doesn’t need fixing. It may seem like it needs to be fixed, really it’s perfect the way it is. So the apples were fine and he is just trying to make them perfect but then they just mush and warp and stuff.

“Islands are built together but a flower can grow on its own”

It’s ok to ask for help because to build an island you need help.

But you don’t always need help, it’s ok to sometimes grow on your own.

Flowers don’t always need help, they can just sprout themselves.

Sometimes people need help and that’s ok and sometimes you won’t need help.

Watercolour on paper

20. one star, two hearts

21 one star two hearts web


“Always look up to the stars, the sun rises the moon sets, but your inner star will never go out.”

The moon is a Grebe, the sun is a Cockatoo and the Cockatoo’s shadow is lifting her face to the stars.

Cockatoo’s door is open and leaking out colour and sunlight. She needs to look up at the star so it can shut and stop leaking.

This is the love between two people. Lovers, friends or family.

Your person is the one who helps your sun rise, helps you look up to the stars and helps you close your leaky door. Your person is the one who helps you through instead of doing it for you, holds your hand instead of carrying you on their back.
The shadow’s inner star is connecting the sun and the moon together.
The Cockatoo and the Grebe are hugging.

The moon has always believed in the stars but the sun gave up hope. The shadow is helping them open their eyes and see the stars that are still out.

The moon reflects the light in the dark night.

The moon reflects your love and bounce it everywhere you go.



Pastel on wood

21. together

22 web

Dove (bottom right):

“Out of the tunnel, out in the light, you will find your greatest fight.”

Their scar has healed. Now there is a flower growing around Dove.


The Vulture & The Egg (bottom left):

“Only when you accept will the petal boat grow inside – Take your time to see, as shadows only leave when you are done.”


The Vulture would say; I’m so ugly, no one is going to love me, I just want to find someone to have an egg with, an egg he could raise and take care of. He was so concerned with how he looked and that he wasn’t right that he started painting himself with the watermelon jam. But then his shadow helped him realise he didn’t need someone else because he had himself.

The shadow was present but also not. If you look at him, he looks like he is loving himself but the shadow helped him love himself. Helped him realise he didn’t need someone else, that he could lay an egg on his own.

You can do amazing things on your own. Even when you are on your own you are still capable of greatness. You amazingness is not dependant on someone else.

When the shadow is done, it lays an egg in your heart.

The waving shadow has served its purpose and so it has laid an egg. The egg will hatch. He was all black and all upset until he realised his shadow will always come to help. You don’t need anyone else to love yourself. You can love yourself with the love you have even if you don’t have much. If you give your self a little bit of love with each thought then it will go on until you have a lot of love for yourself.

His beak turned orange when he had enough love to accept.

The boat’s petals close around its door when the water gets rough.

The boat goes with the flow.

The river where the lost shadows wander, carries this boat to collect the shadows who have succeeded in their journey.


Gold Bird & the shadow (middle left):

“Embrace the change, don’t push it away. One who accepts will have a clear painting of positive but if not only dark will come. Work together with change not against.”

If you push away change you will only focus on all of the bad things but if you work with change you can focus on all of the good and work with the positives and you will be relieved.

In the painting it shows a leaking sand hour glass. The shadow, coming out of the gold bird, spent too long trying to help and hasn’t rested enough and is now very old. The shadow is sad that it is no longer doing as well at its job as it once did and is now disintegrating.

If you keep pushing away change then the shadows will eventually die leaving behind sand in your heart which produces a deep ache of guilt and regret.
Its message is that the holder has finally accepted change and is now working with it to see the positives.

The bird is now using it’s hand, that it made out of its gold change, to collect the leaking sand out of the hour glass to give the shadow more time to reach the river and die peacefully.


Duck (middle right):

“Mirror your sunshine but always remember to save some for yourself. You will always come first, no one else”

Always leave some kindness for yourself, always be kind to yourself. Help yourself before you help everyone else. It’s a hard thing to master but when you do it’s magical what you can do with it.

It’s not being greedy, it’s being good to yourself and helping yourself. Never think you are being greedy by taking some sunshine for yourself.

The shadow of the Water Bird is saying goodbye because he has helped its host in mirroring their sunshine and saving sunshine for themselves.

The berries represent being sweet to yourself. But even in sweetness there is always a sour one in the bunch. So the sweet would be all of your friends because you are giving it all but the sour one would be for you because have no kindness left for you. That would be the smallest and most sour one because it has run out of any energy for itself.


The Tulip Bird (top right to left):

The Tulip Bird was singing and crying at the same time, longing to feel more beautiful. She wasn’t feeling good and she wasn’t accepting any form of kindness towards herself, from others or from herself.

Over time, there was this monstrous tsunami, the weight of her thoughts had become so big that they just took over.

Then the Mirror Bird helped her confront the source of her pain.

The watermelon is hard to cut through because of its tough exterior but when you cut through and open it, it’s really sweet and soft. The outside guards the gentleness inside.

The Tulip bird managed to cut through the shell and she burst the watermelon and managed to escape because she finally accepted help. She opened her eyes and escaped the watermelon tsunami.

The main shadow of the Tulip Bird is the finch.

The Finch has opened its eyes to help.

But it’s blurry as it blinks its eyes open, with everything becoming clearer with each blink.

And it begins to cry happy tears.

It’s been stuck in watermelon for such a long time that it is crying watermelon juice.

The Mirror Bird next to the Finch has a strong and hard beak that it uses to crack the hard nuts open. Hard on the outside but there is a reward on the inside.
The Mirror Bird is there to reflect how amazing and beautiful you are and teaches you to see how beautiful and special you look to them.

The Burden shadow is made to annoy you and they feast off of pain and grow bigger and bigger and carry around unnecessary things. The only way to get rid of them is to get through the pain and get rid of the bad thoughts.

Burdens grow inside you in your garden patch, which lives right next door to your forest of lost thoughts. Watching over is your inner flower that grows your thoughts.


In the garden patch, watermelons grow. It also grows burdens.

A burden is like if you have a back pack and you are going to your friend’s house for a sleepover. You bring a mug for some random reason because you think you need a mug. Then you think why do I need a mug? Bringing this mug was silly and now you have this mug in your back pack weighing you down. And you now keep questioning why you brought the mug.

That’s what a burden is, it weighs you down and it will keep planting more burdens.

If you push thoughts back down that the shadows pushed up at night when they were releasing the bad thoughts, they land on the watermelons and the watermelons burst, making it all sticky everywhere.

This makes it slower for shadows to get where they need and that is also the perfect environment for burdens to grow. They sprinkle around more burden seeds and then there are a lot of burdens. So then the only way to get rid of them is to get rid of the thought you pushed back down.

Burdens love feasting on your pain and now there are many, many burdens in your garden patch. The only way to get rid of burdens is to get rid of the bad thoughts and let the shadows push the bad thoughts up, up and away.
The two watermelons in the garden patch have burst.

When shadows are stuck and sticky in exploded watermelon juice your main shadow will morph into what you need temporarily and help guide you.

The birds eyes are now all open and looking up.

The end is the beginning of something new.


Gouache on wood

22. The Shadow’s Light

20 web

 “The light at the end is always bright, but one drop of death only shines once. Ride the boat till the end, your journey needs fulfilling – there are people who love you – stay strong spill some ink on your wounds as it will always stain and fuse it back together.”

The two faces are stained with ink, tearing apart.

The two faces are connected but face away from each other, when seen as a whole a bird appears in the middle.

Two faces, two sides, two directions, two things can be true.

They have given up hope and given up, paused in black outline.

The Pelican is fishing for the Koi Fish but the fishing line has snapped.

It’s too much.

Being what they want and what they demand, not being who he is.
It’s too much.

All he wants to do is just fish because he loves fishing.

He is fishing for Koi fish because they have both light and dark colours. Its a spiritual Koi fish, not a real catch, not real fishing but a fishing of thoughts and a catch of thoughts.

You can’t rewind a single drop of death. It only shines once because you can’t undo it and then there is no other light.

You have to remember that there is always an end to a tunnel. The light at the end of the tunnel is always bright. At the end of the tunnel its not going to be dark, unless its night time but it will still be brighter then inside the tunnel.

The rose petal boat represents the start and end of life. Like a cot and a coffin. Moses started in a type of boat. The boat shadow helps you through the start and the end, from walking to easing through your last days.

The cup shadow is pouring love ink into the mind sieve to heal the wound because the faces are separating. The shadow is going to help because the faces have given up.

Cup shadows are either sunbirds or hummingbirds because they are optimism birds and the cup shadow has unlimited water of optimism.


The faces are stained with love ink because it’s very hard to get ink out.
But this is then and the Pelican and rose petal boat in the outline are now. in full colour, no longer paused in black outline, fishing and eyes open.
Everyone has a purpose in life. Even if you don’t find it until you are old, everyone still has a purpose. No matter how big or small you will find your purpose.

The Pelican’s purpose is to fish. He will grow up and he is telling me he will grow up to save an endangered species of fish. He catches and releases when he is fishing but fishes out invasive species.

He fishes on a boat because a boat you have to control and you have to row, you have to put in effort. You have to row the boat through, across and over all the different waves, always changing in size and direction.
Your journey needs fulfilling.


“Shine a light of love on your mind – open your eyes to help and remember that the one that shines love might not be so close-”


The Pelican is in the darkness because of guardians, that should know and do better, but instead are destroying him. Guardians who tell him that who he is, is not good enough and not meeting their expectations, expecting him to be and do things that are not who he is. Guardians who only see what he can’t do and don’t care about what he can do.

But it is not guardians, who it should be, that bring him light it is his fishing crew.

His fishing friends are shining light on him to help him through it, to see that the end of the tunnel is near and give him a little bit of torch light to help him push on.

And your fishing crew might not be your closest relatives or teachers or friends, it could be a friend’s, friend’s friend you like talking to at lunchtime or recess. It may not always be the closest person you know, it could be a distant relative.

“Your shadow will guide you through the tunnel and even if it is dark outside when you exit it always is lighter than in the tunnel. (Follow the string that turns into a well with a coin) Believe in your shadow. (Shadow with love heart)

The cup shadow is the Pelican’s main shadow.

Shadows can morph into anything they need. It’s very important for main shadows to do that, especially when there is an emergency and there is not enough time to unlock the door and get the other shadows out.

The Pelican didn’t have any love or any optimism because his guardians only ever looked at what he couldn’t do. Without any light or love the main shadow of the pelican permanently turned into the cup shadow so it will forever be able to pour love and optimism into his mind sieve and pour and pour and pour.


The Empress bird didn’t realise that that the shadows can morph as needed, even permanently if necessary. That is why she made so many shadows. As the Empress Bird will learn, because there is always more to learn, the cup shadow grows from love and kindness.

The cup shadow can pour, hold and take.

On the right is the cup shadow shining and holding a love heart with all the people who love Pelican.

They are shining all that love onto him.

Pelican in the light is crying happy tears. And we know they are happy tears because there are flowers sprouting out of them because when you cry happy tears, flowers sprout.

Start, middle end. Red, blue purple.

It’s not ever actually the end, it’s just the next door waiting to be opened.


Gouache on wood

Now that you have reached the end of the art exhibition, we have to confess this was not actually Amelia’s first Art exhibition. In fact it was many years ago, here is a link to view it.

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